This is the website of Curious Electric, an electronic music project. Explore industrial soundscapes, ambient atmospheric sounds and warm sequences.

Life has created a humanity on earth. And man's place on this planet, this solar system, the galaxy, the universe and existence itself is as uncertain as it is incomprehensible. We are big and small at the same time. We know so much and so little.

With our powers, we enslave the world that created us. We analyse physics and make it our tool. Human beings are both the object and the subject of history. Perpetrators and victims. In our hands lies everything and nothing at the same time.

The blades of our forges have been cutting into the ground as well as into our flesh for millennia. We form machines which we operate and which control us. We shape a society that turns on itself. And we carry control, injuries, fear, loneliness and coldness into our own souls.

The incomprehensibility of all being radiates out of our hearts like a black hole with its gravitational pull. The struggle of light against darkness is the most significant part of the greatest story of all, that of our cosmos.

Since 2012, Curious Electric has been documenting the essence of our present, the architecture which created humanity and the construction of our souls. Experimental music, together with meticulous photography, aim to capture the character of this world.